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Getting around in Stockholm and Sweden

Nearly everyone commutes in Stockholm by public transportation, and an average commute to KTH is about 45 minutes.

People arriving and leaving at the Tekniska Högskolan subway station

Local transportation

The public transportation system in Stockholm is called SL, and it is punctual and safe. 

You cannot purchase tickets with cash on buses, trains, or in subway offices. All tickets need to be purchased through the SL app on your phone, or directly with your credit card. The cost for a monthly pass differs for those who are registered as students and those who are working . In order to buy a student's ticket, you need to be a PhD registered at KTH and have received your digital Mecenat card.

SL, public transportation in Stockholm


There are three main airports for the Stockholm region, Arlanda airport , the main international airport, Bromma airport , a smaller city airport, and Skavsta airport , far out of town that serves mostly Ryan Air flights. We recommend flying into Arlanda if possible.

To get from the airport into town:


Arlanda Express

To get to the KTH campus from the main train station

To get to the main campus of KTH, you will need to get to the station called Tekniska Högskolan by subway.

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