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Tips for reaching out with your posting

Reach out wide and increase the chances of finding the right candidate for your placement. We have gathered here some tips to keep in mind when designing your posting.

Have a concise and understandable title

The title should contain keywords that are important for the issues or questions that you as a company/organisation want investigated.

Write your posting in English

If the posting is written in English, you reach a wider group of students.

Divide the description of the placement into sections

The clearer and more detailed the description of the placement, the greater the chance of finding the right candidate. Divide the description of the placement into parts with clear purposes. Below are tips on content that might be useful to include in the description of the placement.

  • Background to the formulation of the hypothesis/problem or the challenge
  • Purpose of the placement
  • What skills are being sought (be clear about what the actual requirements are and what are simply preferences or desires)
  • Describe the work tasks clearly, and if possible give examples of work tasks
  • How many students you are looking for
  • If it is 15 academic credits or 30 academic credits (full or half speed)
  • Start date and if there some flexibility with the start date
  • Contact person
  • Description of the physical work environment (e.g. if there will be a physical workspace and how much the student is expected to be on site)
  • Literature references and scientific anchoring*

* The formulated hypothesis or situation (or issues/questions) to be explored must be approved by the academic supervisor. The academic supervisor’s task is to ensure the academic stringency and breadth in the work. In order to fulfil the formal requirements, the written thesis/ degree project must have a scientific and/or scholarly character, therefore the student must follow the rules of their own subject for thesis writing.

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Last changed: Nov 26, 2020