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Software Engineering in Project Form

About the course


Björn Thuresson

Course manager:
Dena Hussein

The course aims to introduce 'best practices' in software construction via practical and theoretical work. The students have lectures and seminars, but the main work is carried out in a project work where the students choose a project from a catalog that is compiled before each course round with project proposals from, above all, external companies and organizations. The project work is carried out in groups of eight students.

About the students

The students mainly come from the programs in Computer Science, Engineering and Teaching and from Open Admission.


Each year there are approximately 200-250 students, and they are distributed between 25-30 project groups. Each group has a mentor from KTH who helps them with process support. They have several meetings during the course. The course ends with a large open presentation where the results are presented and demonstrated, with both students and proposers of the projects present.


November December May

November 1– proposals are submitted
November 30 – course starts

Supervision End of May - open presentation

Requirements for participating organization 

The project proposal must be a development project of an appropriate size. Contact the listed contact person above to discuss in more detail what it might be in the individual case. The role of the company/organization is to act as a client. We want it to be as close to reality as possible, minus the money of course. This means that the client must make demands and expect reports etc. and otherwise assist so that the project can be carried out efficiently and achieve its goals. In most cases, the results belong to the client, but this may need to be adjusted in an agreement. In the case of purely exploratory projects, no agreement is typically needed.