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Environmental Management

An opportunity to present and discuss the sustainability management of your company and/or provide a project for master students.

About the course

In the advanced course on Environmental Management, students work on projects provided by companies and organizations. The students work in groups from the end of August to the end of October.

The project corresponds to approximately half a Master's thesis, about seven weeks part-time per student. The project groups consist 2-4 students. The course is in English.

The company's responsibility is to attend a start-up meeting with the students (beginning of September), provide feedback to the students halfway, receive the final report in October, and provide access to the necessary documentation and contacts.


Project work starts at the end of August and is finalized at the end of October.


The focus of the projects varies from questions around Scope 1,2,3, sustainability reporting, suppliers, purchasing, production, environmental management, social perspectives, customer perspectives etc.

To participate with a project, it is ideally suitable to provide a project in April/May, but don't hesitate to contact the course responsible at anytime during the year to discuss participation.

Guest lectures

The first environmental management course runs March-May, and students work on analyzing sustainability reports and learn concepts and tools. For this course, guests from industry and other organizations are invited to present their work and discuss it with the students.


For lectures: March-May