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Industrial Design Engineering

Collaborate with a student team within Industrial Design Engineering.


Claes Tisell, PhD, Associate Professor Machine Design
08 – 790 90 48

About the project proposal

It is very important to KTH that the projects are based on relevant problem definition for stakeholders on the Swedish market. These projects can help you with existing or upcoming development projects. They can also be more visionary, investigating a parallel path or exploring ideas in a new direction.

The projects should have both an engineering challenge and a design challenge. The project could for example consist of the need for a totally new prototype with specific characters or a continuous development of an existing product.

Your effort will be to find a rough problem definition. We can then together define a more detailed definition for the project.

Two short examples from previous years:

  1. We need a new prototype of our robot. The outside needs to be durable and waterproof. The lock for the hatch needs to be able to withstand attempts at forceful opening. The Design Challenge is to make the outside of the robot look user friendly and make sure screws and other connecting components are not visible.
  2. We need to continuously develop our product to increase separation capacity, reduce energy consumption, improved reliability and service ability etc. We need to improve the maintenance and service for the required product. The Engineering Challenge is to Mechanical design a new or improved product. The Design Challenge is to enhance the understanding the maintenance and service procedure through user studies. Ergonomic design of the product and, beside requirements in functionality, easy to use perspective. The product need to be manufactured in a cost-efficient way.


Starting end of August, final presentation mid December.

The student team

The students are 5th year students in the five year engineering program Design and product realization. Their background is mechanical engineering combined with industrial design and the class is about 30 students.

The project teams are typically four students but can be increased depending on the project description. The students will spend 40% of their time on this project and they have access to the KTH premises like workshops, prototype machines and project rooms to be able to make prototypes etc. On a weekly basis, two teachers (one industrial designer and one mechanical engineer) have supervision meetings with each team.

Presentation of the project

We expect the student-teams to complete a number of iterations gradually taking them to their final proposal. For the final deliverable we expect the students to present a well worked through design proposal presented as a CAD geometry, physical models, rendered images and motivation for the overall design as well as for the solutions on a detail level.

Time line

  • A start-up meeting where you present your case, preferably at your premises*, and provide the teams with relevant start-up information. This is scheduled the first Thursday in September (or following Monday if you can’t on Thursday).
  • Part time concept presentation at KTH* in early November.
  • Final presentation at KTH* in mid December.
  • In addition, we need designated people on your side that can help the students when they have questions. We do not expect any regular supervision from you.

* Zoom meeting or alike is also an alternative.