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CANCELLED* NASA - The enterprise approach to cloud technology!

Time: Tue 2020-03-10 10.00 - 11.00

Location: F1, Lindstedtsvägen 26

Participating: Renee P. Wynn

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Unfortunately, the NASA event has been cancelled due to NASA restricting travel outside the US. It is with great sadness that we need to give this message since we know that many people were looking forward to this event

KTH Space Center together with Management Events  invites you to attend a seminar by NASA Chief Information Officer Renee P. Wynn!

Renee P. Wynn is the NASA CIO. Wynn joined NASA in July 2015 as Deputy Chief Information Officer and became the Chief Information Officer in September 2015. She is invited to speak at KTH during her visit in Sweden.

NASA is building the next chapter, returning to the Moon to stay, and preparing to go beyond. And the people at NASA are making it happen! Mobility is a must for lunar and deep space exploration. NASA has used technology to break through the clouds and attain audacious goals. Learn how the agency is aligning cloud technology to its objectives; collecting and analyzing data; sustaining an enterprise approach to cloud; and managing cloud consumption and security!

We hope to see you there,
KTH Space Center