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Lunch seminar - Green Space Propulsion

Welcome to our next lunch seminar, open for all, so bring your food and join us for an interesting talk!

Time: Tue 2024-02-27 12.15 - 12.45

Location: Gröten, Nymble, Drottning Kristinas väg 15-19

Video link:

Language: English

Participating: Tore Brinck

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We see today an accelerating growth in space flights and this trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. As a consequence there will be tougher requirements on propulsion systems, not only from a performance perspective but also in terms of environmental aspects and sustainability. This presentation will cover the current state of art systems and discuss the need of improved propellants and alternative types of propulsion. Tore Brinck will begin with the heavy-lift launch systems and discuss the developments in chemical propellants that have been made since the Apollo program, together with strategies for the future. This will be followed by a survey of different propulsion systems for satellites with an emphasis on electric propulsion, where rare noble gas propellants are expected to be replaced with more sustainable molecular alternatives. Finally he will touch upon potential solutions for long distance transportation within our solar system. Throughout the seminar Tore will give examples of KTH research aimed at meeting future challenges in propulsion.