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Human Centrifuge

The centrifuge is the largest and one of the most central instruments that the Division of Environmental Physiology at KTH has. It can generate high levels of acceleration, currently up to 15 G's. The experimental setup is flexible makes it possible to test everything from humans to objects in various sizes.


Manufacturer ASEA (now ABB)
Diameter 14,5 m
Maximum G-force 15 G
Maximum jerk (G-growth) 5 G/s

The human centrifuge can be rented by externa research groups and companies. For more information about availability and the specifications, please contact us.

The human centrifuge, side view. Photo: Joakim Eggers.
The human centrifuge, view of human experimental setup. Photo: Joakim Eggers.
The human centrifuge, experimental setup for object. Photo: Joakim Eggers.

Div of Environmental Physiology, MTH, CBH, KTH
Berzelius väg 13
171 65 Solna


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