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Vacuum tank

This is part of the 'balloon laboratory'. In the balloon laboratory you can develop instruments used in high-altitude balloon experiments. This facility provides a testing environment for components to simulate the strains of a flight to the stratosphere.

In the vacuum tank – also called 'gröna tanken' – we can test components of a pressue down to around 0.1 mbar. As a comparison the pressure in the stratosphere is on avarage 1 mbar. This vacuum tank doesn't have temperature control, for this we advice you to the usage of our thermal vacuum chamber. Cooling in the tank can be achieved with the help of a built in cooling plate.


Pressure range 1 bar - 0.1 mbar
Pressure control Yes
Dimension [120 cm, 80 cm]
Vaccum tank 'Gröna tanken'.


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Last changed: Aug 19, 2020