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Thermal vacuum chamber

This is the largest piece in KTH Space Technology Laboratory which was installed during the spring 2019. With an inner volume of 3600 liters it can be used to test subsystems and complete satellites. The vacuum chamber lies within a certified clean room (class ISO 8).


Manufacturer ATT – Angelantoni Test Technologies
Pressure 10-2 – 10-5 mbar with temperature control
Min temperature -150°C
Max temperature +150 °C
Inner diameter 1.4 m
Inner length  2.3 m
Table width 0.8 m
table length 2.1 m

The thermal vacuum chamber can be used by external research groups and companies. Contact us for more information on availability and prices.

Thermal vacuum chamber, view from the side and inside of the test table.

AlbaNova Universitetscentrum, 1st floor
Roslagstullsbacken 21
114 21 Stockholm


Max Persson
Max Persson
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