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Course selection for exchange students

As an exchange student, you create an individual study plan (learning agreement) which should be approved by your home university before applying to KTH. If necessary, there will be a possibility to revise your initial course selection when you have arrived at KTH.

Regulations regarding course selection

When selecting courses you must:

  • Select courses of 30 ECTS credits per semester (corresponding to full-time studies at KTH). Courses in Swedish language and society may be excluded from the 30 ECTS credit maximum.
  • Choose a minimum of 50 percent of the credits at the school to which you are applying (applicants to the School of Architecture must take all their courses within that school).
  • Meet the admission requirements for each course.

How to select courses

1. Find relevant courses

Course descriptions are found in the course and programme directory reached through the links below. All course descriptions include admission requirements, information on ECTS credits, language of instruction and grading.

Search for courses by name or code

Understanding course codes

The first letter of the course code, for example BB2520, indicates the school responsible for the course. The first digit in the course code, BB2520, represents the level of the course. “1” indicates that the course is given at bachelor's (basic) level and “2” means master's (advanced) level. Course codes starting with the digit “3” are PhD-courses and not available for exchange students.

2. List your selected courses in the application to KTH

In the application form, you should upload a study plan (learning agreement) with the selected courses, which have been approved and signed by your home university.

3. KTH assesses your course selection

The international coordinator at KTH will contact you if you need to revise your course selection.

4. Approved study plan/learning agreement

The study plan (learning agreement) will be finalised and signed by the international coordinator after arrival to KTH.


You will recieve information on how to create your schedule once your letter of acceptance has been sent from the international coordinator at KTH.