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Courses for architecture students

As an exchange student at the KTH Department of Architecture you will follow a predetermined course package of 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Please note that KTH and your home university needs to have a specific exchange agreement within the subject area architecture, for you to be able to take courses in architecture at KTH. Students stay in the same studio for the whole year. All courses are compulsory and it is therefore not possible for exchange students in architecture to do a degree project at KTH or choose courses at another school or department at KTH.

Course packages

Autumn semester

Spring semester 


Arriving for the autumn semester

You take part in the studio election together with all the other students, usually during the first week of the semester. All studio teachers will present their studio for you and after that you fill in the election form. Seminar courses will also be presented in the beginning of the semester, even here you are supposed to fill in an election form. The Orientation course is the same for all students.

Arriving for the spring semester

We will contact you in November before your arrival and ask you to fill in the studio election form. You will choose your seminar course after arrival. The Orientation course is the same for all students.

Credits and grades

KTH Department of Architecture uses a credit system compatible with ECTS credits, where one academic year of full-time studies equals 60 credits and one semester equals 30 credits. The department does not apply the ECTS grading scale (A-E) in the examination of courses and projects. Students are only graded “P” for pass and “F” for fail.