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KTH was a great experience for Mohammad

Mohammad Hasan gained a degree from the master's programme in Electrophysics (now called Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering). He is appreciative that the university gave him a foundation to develop further.

- After finishing my master’s degree in Electrophysics, I am now working as a project engineer before I leave for the UK, where I will continue with PhD studies in plasma physics. My degree course involved three main areas: electromagnetic engineering, space physics and plasma physics.

- I found KTH to be an excellent choice for my development in this field, as there is a real need for innovative, cost-effective solutions in a wider context – everything from plasma panels, microelectronics fabrication, coating techniques to lighting and waste treatment. Plasma is a tool for fabrication used in so many ways.

- KTH was a great experience for me, and my formative years as a master’s student were very beneficial to my growth. The special thing about this particular programme was that it combined electrical engineering with physics. So, a real mix of the theoretical and applied aspects from both of these disciplines. I think this is a unique programme in that regard. It allows master’s students to design their coursework according to their career aims – whether it’s of a more scientific nature, in research, or more industrial.

- KTH was instrumental in taking an interest of mine, and developing it into a real passion. Now, I’m very happy with the work I’m doing and the skill that I acquired as a master’s student. The university gave me the foundation to develop further than I would have thought possible.