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Alberto develops mobile communications at Microdata Telecom

Alberto Monje Real graduated from the master’s programme in Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering in 2019. He now works at Microdata Telecom in Stockholm.

Alberto Monje Real
Master’s programme in Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering

Hi Alberto, what are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working at a company called Microdata Telecom, located in Stockholm, which designs and manufactures electromagnetic filters and tower-mounted amplifiers for mobile communications. My position is RF Filter Designer and I design passive filters, which are devices that allow the propagation of signals of certain frequencies and eliminate others. This way, mobile communications don’t interfere and are not disrupted by, for example, satellite communications, WiFi and mobile communications in different bands, medical devices, etc.

What is a regular day like at your job?

While there are some common tasks that are similar on certain days, there is no “typical” day at my job. You design an electromagnetic filter using simulation software and then you must optimize it in order to achieve the best performance. This process can take several weeks and it changes from day to day. It involves discussing with the team the best approach and limitations of the project, the materials to use, the design itself, etc. Then, when the design works as expected in the simulations, a prototype is ordered and I have to measure and adjust it, as well as perhaps iterate a couple of times until I arrive at a final design that can be mass-produced. On other days I support teammates in their projects, the same way they support me in my projects.

Is this your first job in Sweden?

Actually it is not. Before graduating, I did my master's degree project at Ericsson. I got the chance to work on a research project for 5G communication devices and I was working there full-time.

Why did you choose this programme at KTH?

I chose this programme because I knew I wanted to focus on wave propagation and microwaves, and this was one of the most specialised, in-depth programmes I have seen. The best thing is that, in spite of this, the programme does not lack versatility. The programme is called master’s programme in Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering, so your choices are really broad regarding tracks and future choices. However, once you’re on the track you like, the subjects cover really in-depth knowledge in those subjects, making you a fully prepared professional in that field once you’ve finished. You also have the chance to orient yourself towards more theoretical or practical subjects, depending on your preferences.

Are there any insights you acquired during your studies that have been particularly useful for you in your career?

I personally feel that what is valuable about engineers is that they have the ability to adapt and learn something quickly and thoroughly, in order to solve problems they have never faced before. In this regard, I would say that all the subjects have served this purpose. However, some specific subjects have been more useful for my current work, such as Applied Antenna Theory, focused on antenna design, with very interesting visits in industry. Or a project on electromagnetism, a very practical subject in which you are assigned to a (usually research) project. In my case, I learnt about filters there from more of a research perspective.

What is your best memory from your time at the university?
I can’t forget last summer, when the weather was so great, there was light until really late and no rain – and all my friends in the residential quarters used to meet up every night to make dinner together and play games, go to concerts, or visit the lake.

Would you want to say to a student who was thinking of applying for this programme?

I would say that they should move forward and apply. The master’s programme in Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering is very broad and will provide you with the necessary knowledge. It will put you on the right track for both an academic or an industrial career. And of course, not everything is study. Stockholm is a great, dynamic city with so much going on! And be sure, the friends you make here will last forever.