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Khadijeh chose KTH because of its high international ranking

Khadijeh is 32 years old and originally from Sari in Iran where she studied at Petroleum University of Technology. She now lives in Stockholm where she studies the master's programme in Engineering Materials Science.

Khadijeh Jafari

Why did you apply to KTH?

I decided to study in Engineering Materials Science at KTH because of its high international ranking as well as due to encouragement of my friends who graduated successfully in this program at KTH.

What is your best tip for a new master's student?

Participate actively in lectures and try to review the subject of study after the class that can be so useful to have better understanding and memorizing the subject of the study. Also, try to read the instruction of the selective courses carefully before choosing them.

What are your impressions of Stockholm and Sweden?

Sweden is a peaceful, beautiful, industrial country with people who treat you kindly. The equality of men and women in all fields was so impressive for me. Moreover, something special about the Stockholm is that you can have beautiful nature beside modern city at the same time.

Is there something with life in Stockholm and Sweden that has surprised you?

A very clean environment. Long summer days that seem endless. A bit of difficulty to find an apartment, and needing to register in advance with specific organisations.

Do you have a place in the city that you really enjoy and spend time at?

I live in an island in the middle of Stockholm. There is a beautiful park at the southern part of it so close to my apartment that gives me the chance to go there, sit on a wooden jetty at the river bank and enjoy calm clean nature.

Are you taking part in any student activities, if so please tell us a bit about them?

Last year I participated in yoga classes hold by KTH Hallen. It was wonderful and helped me so much to have better focus on my study.

What do you do in your spare time?

I go jogging for about 20 minutes a day. Twice a week, I go to free Swedish language class that is held by the government for all international people. Almost every day, I talk to my family and friends who are outside of Sweden via internet. In the weekends, I watch movies or visit my friends.

How do you keep in touch with your family and friends from home?

There is a high speed rather cheap internet that makes it possible to have a conversation with my family and friends any time I want.

What do you want to do after you have received your degree here at KTH? Do you have a dream job?

I am so determined to find a job in one of the reputable steel companies in Sweden. My dream job is to work in a production part and play an important role in producing higher quality steel to provide more comfortable safer life.

Is there any advice you would like to give others that will come and live in Stockholm and study at KTH in the future?

Do not forget to register in SSSB before coming to Stockholm to have better chance to find a suitable place to live faster. In addition, Learning Swedish language will be an advantage during your study and your future career opportunity. Lycka till