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Ask Zhelei questions about KTH and read more about his decision to study at KTH, thoughts about Sweden, advice to prospective students and his plans for the future.

Hi, I’m Zhelei from China, studying naval architecture at KTH. I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in maritime technology from the Dalian University of Technology. I love traveling, dancing, and playing basketball.

What are the best aspects of your programme? 

I think the best aspect of my programme is the friendship among classmates. Because it’s not a large-scale programme, we became closer. We got to know each other through various group work projects, and we had fun together. Another positive aspect is that we have a separate association called Ship Society (Skeppssällskapet), which organizes exciting events every year. And it has built a link between students and companies, which gives us the opportunity to talk with naval architects from different companies in person. This helps me get clear on what I’m going to do after graduation.

Have you chosen a specialisation track within the programme? If Yes, which track and why?

I selected lightweight structure as my main field of study because I like to work on practical engineering problems and create something cool. 

How do studies at KTH differ from your previous studies?

I think the main difference is that at KTH the emphasis is more on the practical application of knowledge. Especially in the naval design course, I was able to produce something by myself using what I learned from lectures. I can compare abstract theories with reality, which gives me a renewed sense of knowledge. Also, the ability to solve practical engineering problems is something that many companies are looking for. This will also be beneficial for future career development.

How is student life in Stockholm?

My student life in Stockholm is busy and joyful at the same time. I enjoy being filled with tasks every day and gaining knowledge from them. This makes me realize that I am on the right way. Also, as a student here I have the chance to meet students from all over the world. We share our experiences and with so many different cultures, I get to try the food from other countries as well. It's a lot of fun.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master’s studies?

Don’t hesitate to join us!!! Contact me if you have any problems.