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Gabriela comes from Poland but received her bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Liverpool, England, prior to joining KTH. She enjoys hiking, learning new languages, and occasionally playing squash or board games in her free time.

What are the best aspects of your programme?

There are many people with different study backgrounds. Everyone has different interests and experiences. It gets exciting when we do group projects, and everyone has different skills. Some people like calculations, others do simulations or write code. In the end, there is so much to learn from each other. 

Apart from the projects, we also have problem classes, field trips and flipped lectures where we are encouraged to speak up and answer questions. There are so many ways of teaching involved in the programme and I think it helps to understand the subject profoundly. I also like the flexibility and the option to choose one of the technical courses from different programmes. It definitely broadens my horizons. 

What are some of your favourite courses so far?

All the courses I'm currently enrolled on are fundamental to understand the nuclear energy industry. The course Radiation Protection, Dosimetry and Detectors gives the opportunity to learn about all the sources of radiation and test them in the laboratory. It's the most important basis of nuclear physics. Also, the Nuclear Reactor Physics course makes it possible to test all the acquired knowledge during the field trip. I really appreciate that most of the courses use new knowledge in real-life experiments and laboratories. 

How is student life in Stockholm?

Stockholm is a beautiful place that combines the big city life with full of greenery landscape. There's plenty of options, you can go to a pub if you want to socialise, but if you don't, you can go to a forest, lake or park. Everything is just a short ride by bike or quite often right outside your window. There's also a lot of opportunities to get involved in student life on campus. I've joined the THS MAIN (THS MAsters and INternationals) student association and even got my own blue overall. I find this part of Swedish culture particularly interesting, and seeing students in colourful overalls on campus is fun and makes it easier to feel part of the community. 

How would you describe your time at KTH so far?

I constantly explore new possibilities to get involved in student life on campus. THS International Reception was one of the best times that I experienced during my university years. It's surprising how many different activities were available, and I tried only a few of them: campus treasure hunt, kayaking, baking night and finally, the 1920's themed banquet. The best part is that it doesn't end. During the academic year, there's also many events and activities organised. We meet to play board games, go hiking or attend art workshops. 

I also appreciate that everyone made me feel welcome and answered all my questions patiently, especially after the arrival day when everything was new and different. It made this transition period easier. 

What do you want to do after graduating?

I still have some time to decide as I will be graduating in 2023. However, I would like to work in a nuclear power plant or pursue research in the nuclear fusion sector. 

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master's studies?

I know it's a difficult decision to make but don't hesitate. KTH is one of the best technical universities in Europe, located in the heart of Stockholm. It will help you gain the necessary skills for your future job in academia or industry. There is a lot of emphasis on independent work, and this skill will definitely be helpful when you finish your master's studies. You will also encounter many different cultures as the environment is truly multicultural. You will never be left alone as all the lecturers and staff are here to help, and the student community is very supportive. I'm also here to answer all your questions, and I hope to see you next year at KTH.