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Meet KTH at webinars, fairs and events

KTH offers a webinar series aimed at future applicants. We also attend several fairs and events worldwide. Currently, we are preparing the events for future applicants that will take place in the autumn of 2021. More information will be available in the upcoming months.


Our yearly webinar series kicks off in October. In the meantime, feel free to watch recordings of some of last years webinars.

This is KTH

At the webinar about master's studies at KTH, you will meet Professor Björn Berggren, Admissions Officer Kimberly Cheng and KTH student Diana. They will talk about our education and research, ranking, and how to apply. Recorded 29 October 2020.

Architecture and Built Environment

Associate Professor Kjartan Gudmundsson, Communications Officer Josefin Backman and student Erasmus talk about how the programmes and research relates to the future of society. Recorded 5 November 2020.

Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health

Professor Eva Jonsson Malmström, Communication Manager Sabina Fabrizi and student Katlin talk about research and eduction within the subject areas. Recorded 12 November 2020.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Associate Professor Markus Hidell, Communications Officer Alexandra Leyton and KTH Student Andrés talk about the electrical engineering, computer science, information and communication technology. Recorded 19 November 2020.

Industrial Engineering and Management

Professor Viktoria Martin, Communications Officer Jairam Vijayakumar Sujaya and KTH student Gerrit Stühmeier talk about industrial design and innovation, product and production development, materials development and micro and nano technology. Recorded 24 November 2020.

Engineering Sciences

Professor Michael Hanke, Communications Officer Jairam Vijayakumar Sujaya and student Bente talk about the education and research conducted within the basic and applied sciences and activities including physics, mathematics and technical mechanics. Recorded 1 December 2020.

Fairs and events

KTH participates in many fairs and events worldwide each year, at partner universities, international venues or digitally. Most of our fairs and events take place in October, November and December. Right now, we are planning our 2021 activities and will have more information soon.

Visit KTH on campus

KTH usually offers campus visits on weekdays for prospective students and parents. The visits last around two hours and include information about KTH and a guided tour on campus. Due to questions and concerns regarding the spread of covid-19, the service is temporarily paused. We will offer the service again as soon as the situation allows.