Meet KTH

Take the chance to meet KTH on campus in Stockholm or abroad.

Meet KTH close to you

KTH participates in a number of fairs at partner universities and international venues each year. If you are interested in studying at KTH but can’t make it to any of the fairs, be sure to check out the event calendar for Study in Sweden.


Visit KTH on campus

KTH offers campus visits for prospective students and parents. The visits last around two hours and include information about KTH and a guided tour on campus. The request needs to be sent at least two weeks prior to the planned date.


KTH is excited to share facilities and ideas with Brazil. Our partnerships with several universities and an increasing number of collaborations within industry brings a bright future for the region.


KTH’s relationship with China has grown enormously over the last decade. With countless research projects and ventures in education we bring the brightest minds together to help shape the future across the globe. 


Being one of the leading technical universities in Europe KTH is a part of countless collaborations with other European universities, with everything from student exchange to joint research ventures.

From Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam and need help in applying?

KTH is currently working with a select group of partners to assist prospective students in their application process.

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