Single subject courses

Study Abroad is a tuition-based, one-way mobility programme open for non-European students, allowing them to take part of a select number of single subject courses at KTH. This allows students a unique opportunity to advance in their studies while choosing from a diverse list of courses from Sweden’s most prestigious technical university in the heart of Stockholm.

  • The application for autumn 2017 entry is now closed.
  • For non-EU/EEA students to be able to apply for and be granted a Swedish Residence permit, students must be admitted to a minimum of 30 ECTS credits per semester.
  • Single subject courses at KTH are only open to non-EU/EEA citizens.

Courses at KTH

A semester at KTH consists of a number of courses, usually three or four. Each course involves lectures, seminars, laboratory work, group projects and individual studies. Hands-on experience is regarded as an important element of learning and therefore laboratory sessions constitute an essential part of studies at KTH. Through course work and in daily life, students explore their own ideas and apply them in collaboration with others from around the world. Researchers welcome new thoughts from younger students, and the curriculum is focused on personal development as well as knowledge. In both academic and business settings there is little hierarchy, and students, professors and colleagues address each other by first name.

KTH uses a credit system where one week of full time study (40 hours including lectures, individual studies, etc.) is equivalent to 1,5 credit (högskolepoäng). One academic year equals 60 credits. Swedish credits may be compared to European ECTS credits, in which 60 ECTS credits correspond to the workload of one full-time academic year, normally 1500-1800 hours. Your over-all course grade is determined by written or oral examinations that are taken twice a semester. Exercises and laboratory work may also form part of an examination. If you fail an examination, there will be a second chance at the end of each semester.

The academic year is divided into two semesters and each semester is divided in two study periods. When searching for single courses at KTH it is important to note which period a course is taught.

Academic calendar

Student life

Being a KTH student is more than just studies. It is also about personal development. By choosing KTH, you will get access to a vibrant student life in a beautiful setting with world-class facilities and extensive student service.  Student life at KTH combines the best of a dynamic and prestigious academic environment with all of what Stockholm can offer in terms of culture, natural beauty, entrepreneurial spirit and strong industry infrastructure.

Student life

The following, additional services, are offered to fee-paying students who are studying a minimum of 30 credits per semester at KTH.

  • Guaranteed housing from KTH Accommodation during their study period.
  • Comprehensive insurance from Kammarkollegiet, FAS+,  during their studies at KTH
  • Primary health care for minor health issues free of charge at the Student health service
  • A pre-sessional course in English offered during three weeks in August, free of charge.

Residence permit

These courses are only open to prospective non-EU/EEA applicants and to current non-EU/EEA students. Note that for non-EU/EEA students to be able to apply for and be granted a Swedish Residence permit, students must be admitted to a minimum of 30 credits per semester.

Current non-EU/EEA students

Current non-EU/EEA students are eligible to apply for the single subject courses, the application is done via University Admissions in Sweden.

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