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Här listas de kompetenscentrum som är relaterade till plattformen för industriell transformation.

Advanced BioProduction by Continuous Processing (AdBIOPRO)  - aims at developing competitive technology for bioproduction.

Cellnova - development and production of biological drugs.

Centre for Construction Efficiency (CBE)  - collaborate, research and share knowledge around different aspects of construction and building efficiency.

Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems (DMMS) - avancerad komponenttillverkning, verktygsmaskiner, metodik och digitalt stöd för produktion och drift, industriell mätning och montering.
​​​​​​​Intervju med DMMS föreståndare Andreas Archenti ​​​​​​​

ECO2 Vehicle Design  - vehicle design targeting environmentally friendly and economically competitive rail and road vehicles in a sustainable transport system.

Integrated Transport Research Laboratory (ITRL)  - multidisciplinary research cooperation responding to global environmental transport challenges.

 - competence center for insights and abilities linked to management and systematic improvement of work processes and organizations.

Live-In lab  - Testbeds for increased innovation in the construction and real estate sector.

Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab (PMH Application Lab)  - development for the improvement of technologies in the field of powertrain manufacturing for heavy vehicles on high technology readiness levels.

Science for Life Laboratory  - health and environmental research at the highest level.