Division of Coating Technology

Head of Division

Professor Eva Malmström

Recent publications

Hendrikse, N., Charpentier, G., Nordling, E. & Syrén, P.-O. (2018). Ancestral diterpene cyclases show increased thermostability and substrate acceptance. The FEBS Journal, 285(24), 4660-4673.
Nameer, S., Larsen, D. B., Duus, J. O., Daugaard, A. E. & Johansson, M. (2018). Biobased Cationically Polymerizable Epoxy Thermosets from Furan and Fatty Acid Derivatives. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 6(7), 9442-9450.
Pavlidis, I. V., Hendrikse, N. & Syrén, P.-O. (2018). Chapter 5: Computational Techniques for Efficient Biocatalysis. RSC Catalysis Series(32), 119-152.
Hult, D., Garcia-Gallego, S., Ingverud, T., Andrén, O. & Malkoch, M. (2018). Degradable High Tg Sugar Derived Polycarbonates from Isosorbide and Dihydroxyacetone. Polymer Chemistry.
Martin-Serrano Ortiz, A., Stenström, P., Antunez, P. M., Andrén, O. C. J., Torres, M. J., Montanez, M. I. & Malkoch, M. (2018). Design of multivalent fluorescent dendritic probes for site-specific labeling of biomolecules. Journal of Polymer Science Part A : Polymer Chemistry, 56(15), 1609-1616.
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