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Hultgren Laboratory, named after Professor Axel Hultgren, plays an important role in material development based experimental research through material characterization. We have wide expertise about solid state metallic and ceramic based materials, and a variety of tools that fits with most requirements from research based on solid state materials physics, chemistry and materials science.


The Department of Materials Science has long been one of the internationally leading research and educational environments in metallic materials. In order to secure such a position in the long term, experimental infrastructure and expertise of the highest class are required. For this purpose, Hultgren Lab has been built up over several years and continues to develop rapidly.

Today we have leading equipment and expertise for characterization of processes, structures and properties of materials, with special focus is on metallic materials.

This type of capacity is also of great benefit to other departments at KTH as well as other universities, institutes and companies.Therefore, Hultgren Lab was established as a KTH infrastructure in 2019 and the lab is thus open to all interested users.

This gives us a chance to collaborate with other academic partners and the surrounding community and external partners and industry can use our unique skills and equipment.

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Last changed: Apr 19, 2021