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Our expertise

At Hultgren Laboratory we have the skills and equipment that enable companies to improve their competitiveness. We are experts in metallic materials with leading researchers and internationally competitive equipment.

researcher working with instrument

Hultgren Laboratory plays an important role in material development-based experimental research through material characterization.

The team has strong expertise in the analysis of various metallic materials, hard ceramic materials and metal-ceramic composites. Our team and our equipment capabilities also cover a wide range of other metallic, ceramic and functional materials.

Our customers and partners come from various industries, with materials, manufacturing, electronics, vehicles, chemistry, mining and energy industry as the most frequent.

Through the increased utilization of the lab, we have improved the service offering to all users and customers by creating a more long-term sustainable financing and increased staffing, enabling our partners to collaborate with leading researchers.

The lab is a part of the department of Materials Science and Engineering that has strong role in the research of iron and steel based materials through multiple industrial and scientific research projects.

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Last changed: Jan 04, 2023