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Industrial collaborations

We work with industrial partners and companies of different sizes. Companies can collaborate with us in various ways, through long-term research, short-term research projects or consulting work.

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Large enterprizes

Our laboratory has both basic and advanced levels of the instruments that would be of interest to the industry. Our research capacity can be used to solve problems and enhance production, process optimization, quality control, failure analysis and material development. Including our laboratory as an outsourcing option for material characterization can help the industry in focusing on major activities such as material development and process developments more efficiently.

Ways to collaborate

  • Short and long term research collaborations

Small and medium sized companies

We provide support for the analysis both as a consultancy and as a trainer for external users. It can be highly helpful for particularly small and medium industries to focus on the production efficiency by outsourcing the material characterization to our laboratories, without the hassle of maintaining a list of high-cost instruments.

There is an increasing trend of powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing, where many of the steel companies are involved in, where our laboratory and our expert team can give a helpful hand in analyzing materials under development and optimization.

Ways to collaborate

  • Consulting
  • Specially designed educations

Start a project

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