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Research and education

We work with researchers from different disciplines and assist students doing their masters thesis in materials science.

Reserchers and dilatometer

Hultgren Laboratory is a key infrastructure at KTH for applied and fundamental research and education in inorganic materials. We work with partners in research, perform assignments with the help of the available cutting-edge equipment and assist in the training of students doing their masters thesis in materials science.

We have a comprehensive list of tools that fits with most of the general and specific requirements of the research based on solid state materials physics, chemistry and materials science. Our instruments can study a range of material parameters through the tools that cover the resolution and scales. Read more about our services here: Techniques and properties

Our laboratory is part of the CEM4MAT consortium within the Stockholm-Uppsala region, which enables academic users to access our facilities with more flexibility and reduced cost.

Academic users, after completing their course will retain their tool licenses even after leave academia for industrial work. They can come back to Hultgren lab as industrial users easily.

You can work with us in different types of collaborations, as a researcher, an educator or a student.

Start a project

Interested in starting a project at Hultgren Laboratory? Please fill in the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible: Start a project