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Cali Nuur – soon the new Head of INDEK

Portrait Cali.
Cali Nuur is a Professor of Industrial Dynamics since 2016.
Published Oct 13, 2020

We’re approaching shift change at the success factory INDEK . On January 1, 2021, Matti Kaulio will hand over his Head of Department title to Cali Nuur, in favor of his research.

Cali Nuur  is a Professor of Industrial Dynamics, as well as Deputy Head of INDEK (Department of Industrial Economics and Management).

Portrait Pernilla
Pernilla Ulfvengren is Associate Professor and Docent in Industrial engineering and sociotechnical systems.

From the turn of the year, Pernilla Ulvengren  will be the one titled Deputy Head of the department.

"I am convinced that Cali and Pernilla has everything needed in terms of leadership competence in order to take INDEK further", says current Head Matti Kaulio.

"Cali has a unique ability to develop our internal organization, and Pernilla has a large international experience as well as an interest for seeing the “big” ITM picture".

"In other words, I see great opportunities for INDEK to simultaneously consolidate internally and integrate externally,” says Matti in his announcement letter.

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Last changed: Oct 13, 2020