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News Decision and Control Systems

  • People sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers, phones, notepads and coffee.
    A new algorithm represents a significant leap forward in Federated Learning, which in turn can enhance smart device capabilities in homes and workplaces. Photo: M. Meyer/Unsplash
    New algorithm makes machine learning faster and more accurate
    30 Apr 2024

    The algorithm can improve the way smart devices in homes and workplaces work together. By reducing the frequency with which devices need to talk to a server while seamlessly handling different data be...

  • Learning algorithms in modern safety-critical infrastructure
    Learning algorithms is an ever-increasing part of modern engineering
    30 Jan 2023

    Learning algorithms have already shown great promise to deliver high-performing solutions to complex dynamic problems ranging from walking robots to games. They are set to play an ever-increasing role...

  • The IEEE fellows Xiongfei Wang, Dimos Dimarogonas, Oscar Quevedo-Teruel and Henrik Sandberg.
    EECS researchers awarded prestigious fellowships
    19 Dec 2022

    EECS captures four out of five elevations to IEEE fellow awarded to Swedish academia.

  • Towards complexity-aware-decision-making for robots
    3 Oct 2022

    Is it possible to optimise robots' decision-making so that decisions are good and simple? Yes, doctoral student Elis Stefansson's research has shown that. Now, he has won the Outstanding Student Paper...

  • Esteban Restrepo, Postdoctoral researcher at the Division of Decision and Control Systems
    Congratulations Esteban!
    12 Apr 2022

    Esteban won the best PhD thesis award of the Control Systems division of the EEA Club and the GdR MACS from the French CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). We talked to Esteban about his ba...

  • test tubes
    GeneDisco Challenge
    6 Apr 2022

    We talked to Stefan Bauer who is organising a Machine Learning for Drug Discovery Workshop and GeneDisco Challenge, Friday 29 April.