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Lars J Pettersson

Lars J Pettersson

Professor & Head of division / Professor & Avdelningschef
Tel: +46 (0)8 790 8259

Prof. Lars J. Pettersson, has 30 years of experience in green chemical processing, fuel upgrading and catalysis for automotive applications, high temperature catalytic combustion, hydrogen generation from conventional and renewable fuels and novel catalytic reactor designs, preparation of heterogeneous catalysts and processing of oil fractions into more environmentally-friendly products. The research tasks are very often chosen in close cooperation with industry and they have a strong focus on energy and environment.

Research field/interest: The research interests include various aspects of catalysis, ranging from fundamental characterization studies to catalysis for industrial applications.

Teaching activities:


  • KE1020 Reaction and separation engineering 10.5 ECTS (BSc level). Examiner and course coordinator.
  • KA1010 Technology for Sustainable Development 5 ECTS (BSc level). Examiner and course coordinator.
  • KE2050 Environmental catalysis 6 ECTS (MSc level). Examiner and lecturer.
  • KE2040 Chemical reaction engineering  9 ECTS (MSc level). Examiner and lecturer.
  • KE1040 Presentation techniques 6 ECTS. Examiner.
  • KA101X BSc diploma project 15 ECTS. Supervisor for project.
  • Lectures in the course KE1060 Material and energy balances 7.5 ECTS (BSc level)
  • Lectures in the course KH1405 The Fuel Cell 6 ECTS (MSc level)
  • Lectures in Renewable Energy Technology (MSc level) [Given by the ITM school]
  • Guest lecture in KE2130 Renewable Fuel Production Processes 4.5 ECTS (MSc level).
  • Lectures in KE1050 Introduction to chemical engineering 12 ECTS (BSc level).
  • Guest lecture in Internal Combustion Engines (MSc level) [Given by the ITM school]
  • Guest lecture in Introductory Chemistry (BSc level)
  • Guest lecture in Energy, Climate and Environment (BSc level)
  • Guest lecture in Fundamental Chemistry (BSc level)

Graduate courses

  • Energy efficient reduction of emissions from heavy-duty vehicles 7.5 ECTS. Examiner and lecturer.
  • Catalyst deactivation 5 ECTS. Examiner.
  • Environmental catalysis 6 ECTS. Examiner and lecturer.
  • Characterization of solid materials 2 ECTS. Examiner.
  • Upscaling of chemical processes 3 ECTS. Examiner and lecturer.
  • Automotive Fuel Cell Systems 7.5 ECTS. Examiner and lecturer.


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