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Advanced courses 2014-2015


Code Course name Credit Period
 1   2   3   4 
SF2713 Foundations of Analysis 7.5 hp    
SF2717 Mathematics, Advanced Course 6 hp   CLGYM4
SF2718 Mathematics for Chemists 6 hp CLGYM4  
SF2720 Chaotic Dynamical Systems 7.5 hp    
SF2721 Topology 7.5 hp    
SF2722 Differential Geometry 7.5 hp    
SF2723 Topics in Mathematics III 7.5 hp    
SF2724 Topics in Mathematics IV 7.5 hp    
SF2729 Groups and Rings 7.5 hp      
SF2730 Topics in Mathematics V 7.5 hp      
SF2732 Galois Theory 7.5 hp    
SF2736 Discrete Mathematics 7.5 hp      
SF2737 Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry 7.5 hp    
SF2741 Enumerative Combinatorics 7.5 hp    
SF2743 Advanced Real Analysis I 7.5 hp    
SF2744 Advanced Real Analysis II 7.5 hp    

Mathematical statistics

Code Course name Credit Period
 1   2   3   4 
SF2701 Financial Mathematics, Basic Course 7.5 hp    
SF2938 Seminar in Mathematical Statistics I 4 hp  
SF2939 Seminar in Mathematical Statistics II 4 hp  
SF2940 Probability Theory 7.5 hp    
SF2942 Portfolio Theory and Risk Management 7.5 hp    
SF2943 Time Series Analysis 7.5 hp    
SF2950 Applied Mathematical Statistics 7.5 hp      
SF2955 Computer Intensive Methods in Mathematical Statistics 7.5 hp    
SF2970 Martingales and Stochastic Integrals 6 hp      
SF2972 Game Theory 7.5 hp      
SF2975 Financial Derivatives 7.5 hp      
SF2980 Risk Management 7.5 hp      

Numerical analysis

Code Course name Credit Period
 1   2   3   4 
DN2266 Mathematical Models, Analysis and Simulation Part 1 7.5 hp    
SF2520 Applied Numerical Methods 7.5 hp    
SF2521 Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations 7.5 hp    
SF2523 Topics in Scientific Computings 3 hp    
SF2524 Matrix Computations for Large-scale Systems 7.5 hp      
SF2561 The Finite Element Method 7.5 hp    
SF2565 Program Construction in C++ for Scientific Computing 7.5 hp    
SF2566 Advanced Individual Course in Scientific Computing 6 hp    
SF2567 Project Course in Scientific Computing 7.5 hp    
SF2568 Parallel Computations for Large- Scale Problems 7.5 hp    

Optimization and systems theory

Code Course name Credit Period
 1   2   3   4 
SF2812 Applied Linear Optimization 7.5 hp      
SF2822 Applied Nonlinear Optimization 7.5 hp    
SF2832 Mathematical Systems Theory 7.5 hp      
SF2842 Geometric Control Theory 7.5 hp      
SF2852 Optimal Control Theory 7.5 hp    
SF2863 Systems engineering 7.5 hp