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Learning for health and engagement

The importance of learning at different organizational levels in health care for employee well-being and engagement?


To be able to handle changing requirements in innovative ways, the need of constant improvement in the health care sector is often highlighted. Many health care organizations want support in applying more sustainable and practical ways to conduct development work, integrating health- and work environment issues. The project focuses the importance of learning processes for sustainable organizational development within the health care sector.


The research project aims at creating an in-depth understanding of the importance of learning at different organizational levels, during ongoing organizational development, for promoting employee well-being and engagement. 

Study design/method

The interactions between learning at individual level, at group level, and at organizational have been analyzed in surveys conducted in previous research projects (Reference number AFA Insurance: 130163 & 1203210 and Reference number FORTE: 2010-0376). Qualitative case studies of learning processes within about ten work places, categorized as successful in developing health promoting and sustainable processes, have been conducted. The results is summarized in a handbook about learning, well-being and engagement for health care practitioners. 

Handbook: Learning for durable operation development (Swedish)

Time period and financier

Time period: The project runs from May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2019

Financier: AFA Insurance

Project budget: 3.3 million SEK

Reference number: 150336

Research team

Andrea Eriksson , docent, assistant professor, KTH

Lotta Dellve, professor, University of Gothenburg

Åsa Tjulin , senior lecturer, Mid Sweden University

Göran Jutengren , docent, senior lecturer, University of Borås

Ellen Jaldestad , PhD-student, KTH


Project leader: Andrea Eriksson

DrPH., KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Technology and Health

Phone: +46 8-790 98 04

Mobile: +46 73-460 24 94

E-mail: Andrea Eriksson