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Sustainable Risk Awareness (SRA Index), a key performance indicator for sustainable risk awareness

Work-related injuries are a burden and lead to negative consequences for those injured, for organisations as well as for societies. Report, risk assess, analyse, and take action on deviations that can lead to occupational injuries is part of the companies' systematic work environment work. The SRA Index is a key performance indicator as an example of a standardized and easy-to-use way of calculating and presenting work environment deviations. By also reporting and managing risk observations in addition to incidents and occupational injuries, the risk of further occupational injuries is reduced.

The purpose of calculating the SRA index is to provide management teams with a decision basis that can be used to:

  • justify early reporting and management of a risk to prevent injuries
  • monitor the risk awareness in the organization over time as a basis for improvements
  • compare the company's ARA Index with other companies.

The risk awareness triangle

The risk awareness triangle is a tool that provides support in calculating the SRA Index and for highlighting the index and the relationship between the different types of deviations (risk observation, near misses, occupational injuries).

In this tool, you can enter the number of each deviation type below the triangle to get help with calculation and visualization of the SRA Index, link to Riskmedvetenhetstriangeln   (NOTE, development in progress).

User manual (pdf 233 kB)

Publication IEA 2021 (pdf 201 kB)

About the project and me as a doctoral student

As part of my work as a work environment strategist at Praktikertjänst, I work with an R&D project and am enrolled as an industrial doctoral student at KTH. The overall goal of this research and development project is to develop a decision basis in the form of a key performance indicator that can be used to justify early reporting and management of a risk of injury prevention.

My supervisors are Associate Professor Linda Rose and Professor Jörgen Eklund.

For questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or Linda Rose .