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Dance of the Sleeping Beauties

Time: Thu 2022-03-24 - Sun 2022-04-10

Location: Scenkonstmuseet/The Swedish museum of performing arts

Participating: Simon Alexanderson and Esther Ericsson

Welcome to the screening of Dance of the Sleeping Beauties

Dance of the Sleeping Beauties  is a tribute to dance, to masks and puppets, but also to the digital possibilities to give new illusions of life.

Mefisto sequence

We live in a time where the boundaries between the real and the digital, the human and the algorithm, have shifted and become increasingly blurred.

When modern 3D technologies are used to create digital representations of us humans, communities and meeting places, new conditions are created for alternative realities, so-called Metaverses. But what does this transmission, transformation and digitization mean for our culture, our expressions and our way of communicating? What is lost, what do we gain? We have 3D scanned a selection of archived theater and film puppets and given them new vitality - let them re-emerge with the help of dance, motion capture and AI.


Simon Alexanderson and Esther Ericsson

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Dance of the Sleeping Beauties is part of the research project DigitalBodies . This work has been funded by the NAVET center at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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