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Class of 2017

The class of the KTH Innovation Brighter Program 2017


Airmee focuses on last-mile delivery and more specifically the optimization algorithms to make them work. They are not primarily a delivery company, but see themselves more as a supplier of algorithms to delivery companies.


Cryptcert encrypts and keeps files safe no matter where they are stored. No matter if you store your files on Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Dropbox or enterprise cloud, the cryptcert technology can be used to store and share files safely.


Biovoxel enables the ink you need to 3D print organic tissue, like human tissue as well as meat. No website yet, more info here, see second winner of the Challenge.

Poki Robotics (no website yet)

Poki develop fully autonomous, electric self-learning robotic systems. Being golfers, their first product is an autonomous ball collector for golf ranges but they see a multitude of application areas for their future systems, in air, sea or on land using drones, submersibles etc.

memoAR (no website yet)

memoAR is creating Augmented Reality software applications for people with light dementia or beginning Alzheimer’s, focusing primarily on orientation, planning and task execution. They are make use of both AR apps as well as AR glasses like Hololens.


Opusplace is a digital teacher community a for improving teacher motivation and effectiveness. Instead of focusing on the students (like all other edtech companies) Opusplace have developed a tool for the teachers so they can keep learning and stay motivated.


Actimore is an event tool for social group activities. No more hassle in finding social activities, creating events and inviting your friends to join.


Tracytrackers make wearables for dogs, giving your dog a voice. So much time and money is spent on our pets every year, and a lot is spent unnecessarily them when they are ill. Tracy will be able to detect anomalies and tell you more about how your dog actually is.