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Higher Seminar Fall 2023

The Higher Seminar is the colloquium series of the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH. Invited guests as well as our own researchers presents seminar on themes from our core areas of history.


Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH

Colloquia are held in the seminar room at the Division (Teknikringen 74 D, level 5)

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4 September 13.15-15.00
Mid-Seminar: Making Governable Objects: Emerging practices of Global Environmental Governance through forests, glaciers and wetlands in Argentina
Jasmin Höglund Hellgren, Doctoral Student, the Division
Opponent: Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway, London

18 September 13.15-14.45
Toxic Debt: Land, Speculation, and the Afterlife of Ultra-Deep Mining in Contemporary South Africa
Megan Eardley, PhD Candidate in Architectural History & Theory, Princeton University

20 October 14.00 Room F3
Disputation: Planetary Timemaking: Paleoclimatology and the Temporalities of Environmental Knowledge, 1945-1990
Erik Isberg, Doctoral Student, the Division
Opponent: Professor Etienne Benson, Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin

27 October 13.15-15.00 NOTE Friday Room H1
Predominantly Grey: On Stormwater Drains and their Foreclosed Futures
Nikhil Anand, Associate professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
Co-arranged with The Water Centre, EHL and URS

30 October 13.15-14.45
The miracle of debt: Medellín “Metropolis de Servicios”
Kathryn Furlong, Professor of Geography, University of Montreal

13 November 13.15-14.45
Visual Culture of Disaster in Japan
Ewa Machotka, Professor in Japanese Language and Culture (specialization: Art History), Dept. of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies, Stockholm University

20 November 13.00-16.00
Workshop: Environing technology
Information and readings: 

27 November 13.15-14:45
History of global radioactive waste
Tatiana Kasperski, Visiting researcher at the Center for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University

4 December 13.15-14.45
The challenge of abstaining in a culture of action points
Nina Wormbs & Elina Eriksson, Division of History and Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH

7 December Time 16.30-18.30, Lecture hall E1, Lindstedtsvägen 3
The 12th Stockholm Archipelago Lecture: Is slowing down a trap?
Michelle Bastian, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Humanities, The University of Edinburgh & University of Oslo