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The Protein Factory/The Tegel Lab


Anna Berling (Team leader)
Sara Kanje (Researcher)
Gabriella Jensen (Research engineer)
LanLan Xu (Laboratory engineer)
Malin Westin (Laboratory engineer)

Our Research

The focus of the Protein Factory is to produce and purify proteins in a high-throughput workflow. Full-length proteins are produced in mammalian cells within the Secretome project (Wallenberg Center for Protein Research) and for the Human Protein Atlasproject antigens are produced and polyclonal antibodies are purified.

The overall aim of the Secretome project is to produce, purify and characterize the majority of all human secreted proteins to build up a resource of reagents for drug discovery and development. A high-throughput protein production workflow, using Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells as host cells, has been set up and to purify the produced proteins a mild and effective one-step affinity purification based on affinity chromatography has been developed.

The Human Protein Atlas is a Swedish-based program with the aim to map all the human proteins in cells, tissues and organs. To be able to do that polyclonal antibodies are used. For that purpose we produce and purify antigens and purify the generated polyclonal antisera.

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Last changed: Dec 03, 2021