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Division of Systems Biology

The division consists of four research groups focusing on systems biology related research.

The research spans from photosynthetic bacteria, microbial research, human biology, systems medicine, metabolic and network modelling, protein science, antibody engineering and precision medicine – and range from basic research in human and microbial biology to more applied research, including clinical applications in cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and neurobiology. The research groups are led by the following principal investigators:

The Uhlen Group, with a focus on the Human Protein Atlas effort, integrative omics, targeted proteomics, wellness profiling and precision medicine.

The Uhlen Group

The Mardinoglu Group, with a focus on generation of the context specific biological networks for major human cell/tissue and cancer types.

The Mardinoglu Group

The Hudson Group, with a focus on the metabolism of CO2-fixing bacteria, with the objective to engineer these bacteria to produce useful chemicals or fuels.

The Hudson Group

Blood disease.

The Edfors Lab, with a focus on data-driven life science related to precision medicine and the creation of a human Disease Blood Atlas.

The Edfors Lab

Belongs to: Department of Protein Science
Last changed: Dec 28, 2023