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50 latest publications

Li, X., Kim, W., Arif, M., Gao, C., Hober, A., Kotol, D. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). Discovery of Functional Alternatively Spliced PKM Transcripts in Human Cancers. Cancers, 13(2).
Turkez, H., Cacciatore, I., Marinelli, L., Fornasari, E., Aslan, M. E., Cadirci, K. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). Glycyl-L-Prolyl-L-Glutamate Pseudotripeptides for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Biomolecules, 11(1).
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Harzandi, A., Lee, S., Bidkhori, G., Saha, S., Hendry, B. M., Mardinoglu, A. ... Sharpe, C. C. (2021). Acute kidney injury leading to CKD is associated with a persistence of metabolic dysfunction and hypertriglyceridemia. iScience, 24(2).
Asplund Samuelsson, J. (2021). Adaptations and constraints associated with autotrophy in microbial metabolism (Doctoral thesis , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-CBH-FOU 2021:11). Retrieved from
Arif, M., Zhang, C., Li, X., Güngör, C., Çakmak, B., Arslantürk, M. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). iNetModels 2.0 : an interactive visualization and database of multi-omics data. Nucleic Acids Research.
Arif, M., Klevstig, M., Benfeitas, R., Doran, S., Turkez, H., Uhlén, M. ... Boren, J. (2021). Integrative transcriptomic analysis of tissue-specific metabolic crosstalk after myocardial infarction. eLIFE, 10.
Karlsson, M. J., Svedman, F. C., Abdellah, T., Kotol, D., Hoiom, V., Fagerberg, L. ... Maddalo, G. (2021). Inflammation and Apolipoproteins Are Potential Biomarkers for Stratification of Cutaneous Melanoma Patients for Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy. Cancer Research, 81(9), 2545-2555.
Månberg, A., Remnestål, J., Olofsson, J., Uhlén, M., Nilsson, P. & Lewandowski, S. (2021). Altered perivascular fibroblast activity precedes ALS disease onset. Nature Medicine, 27(4).
Bosley, J. R., Björnson, E., Zhang, C., Turkez, H., Nielsen, J., Uhlén, M. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). Informing Pharmacokinetic Models With Physiological Data : Oral Population Modeling of L-Serine in Humans. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 12.
Zhang, C., Wei, Y., Mardinoglu, A. & Zhang, P. (2021). Editorial : Application of Systems Biology in Molecular Characterization and Diagnosis of Cancer. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 8.
Huang, J., Lin, L., Dong, Z., Yang, L., Zheng, T., Gu, W. ... Luo, Y. (2021). A porcine brain-wide RNA editing landscape. Communications Biology, 4(1).
Lam, S., Doran, S., Yüksel, H. H., Altay, Ö., Turkez, H., Nielsen, J. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). Addressing the heterogeneity in liver diseases using biological networks. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 22(2), 1751-1766.
Lee, S., Arefaine, B., Witherden, E., Begum, N., Harzandi, A., Zamalloa, A. ... Patel, V. C. (2021). In-depth shotgun metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiome identifies striking variations in microbial community structure based on severity and stage of cirrhosis. Journal of Hepatology, 75, S222-S223.
Karlsson, M., Zhang, C., Mear, L., Zhong, W., Digre, A., Katona, B. ... Lindskog, C. (2021). A single-cell type transcriptomics map of human tissues. Science Advances, 7(31).
Rossi, R., Falzarano, M. S., Osman, H., Armaroli, A., Scotton, C., Mantuano, P. ... Ferlini, A. (2021). Circadian Genes as Exploratory Biomarkers in DMD : Results From Both the mdx Mouse Model and Patients. Frontiers in Physiology, 12.
Adori, C., Daraio, T., Kuiper, R., Barde, S., Horvathova, L., Yoshitake, T. ... Hokfelt, T. (2021). Disorganization and degeneration of liver sympathetic innervations in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease revealed by 3D imaging. Science Advances, 7(30).
Wang, H., Robinson, J. L., Kocabas, P., Gustafsson, J., Anton, M., Cholley, P.-E. ... Nielsen, J. (2021). Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction of model animals as a platform for translational research. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118(30).
Yang, Y., Li, X., Yang, Y., Shoaie, S., Zhang, C., Ji, B. & Wei, Y. (2021). Advances in the Relationships Between Cow's Milk Protein Allergy and Gut Microbiota in Infants. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12.
Danielsson, H., Tebani, A., Zhong, W., Fagerberg, L., Brusselaers, N., Hård, A.-L. ... Hellström, A. (2021). Blood protein profiles related to preterm birth and retinopathy of prematurity. Pediatric Research.
Shabestary, K., Hernandez, H. P., Miao, R., Ljungqvist, E. E., Hallman, O., Sporre, E. ... Hudson, E. P. (2021). Cycling between growth and production phases increases cyanobacteria bioproduction of lactate. Metabolic engineering, 68, 131-141.
Zeybel, M., Altay, Ö., Arif, M., Li, X., Yang, H., Fredolini, C. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). Combined metabolic activators therapy ameliorates liver fat in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease patients. Molecular Systems Biology, 17(10).
Yang, H., Mayneris-Perxachs, J., Boque, N., del Bas, J. M., Arola, L., Yuan, M. ... Caimari, A. (2021). Combined Metabolic Activators Decrease Liver Steatosis by Activating Mitochondrial Metabolism in Hamsters Fed with a High-Fat Diet. BIOMEDICINES, 9(10).
Abdellah, T., Jotanovic, J., Hekmati, N., Sivertsson, Å., Gudjonsson, O., Engstrom, B. E. ... Ponten, F. (2021). Annotation of pituitary neuroendocrine tumors with genome-wide expression analysis. Acta neuropathologica communications, 9(1).
Iglesias, M. J., Kruse, L. D., Sanchez-Rivera, L., Enge, L., Dusart, P., Hong, M.-G. ... Butler, L. M. (2021). Identification of Endothelial Proteins in Plasma Associated With Cardiovascular Risk Factors. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, 41(12), 2990-3004.
Andersson, L., Cinato, M., Mardani, I., Miljanovic, A., Arif, M., Koh, A. ... Levin, M. C. (2021). Glucosylceramide synthase deficiency in the heart compromises beta 1-adrenergic receptor trafficking. European Heart Journal, 42(43), 4481-+.
Karlsson, M., Sjostedt, E., Oksvold, P., Sivertsson, Å., Huang, J., Alvez, M. B. ... Uhlén, M. (2022). Genome-wide annotation of protein-coding genes in pig. BMC Biology, 20(1).
Yang, H., Arif, M., Yuan, M., Li, X., Shong, K. E., Turkez, H. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). A network-based approach reveals the dysregulated transcriptional regulation in non-alcoholic liver disease. iScience, 24(11).
Smati, S., Polizzi, A., Fougerat, A., Ellero-Simatos, S., Blum, Y., Lippi, Y. ... Guillou, H. (2022). Integrative study of diet-induced mouse models of NAFLD identifies PPARα as a sexually dimorphic drug target. Gut, 71(4), 807-821.
Grapotte, M., Forsberg, M., Oksvold, P., Sivertsson, Å., Sjöstedt, E., Uhlén, M. ... et al, (2021). Discovery of widespread transcription initiation at microsatellites predictable by sequence-based deep neural network. Nature Communications.
Nilsson, A. K., Abdellah, T., Malmodin, D., Pedersen, A., Hellgren, G., Lofqvist, C. ... Hellström, A. (2022). Longitudinal Serum Metabolomics in Extremely Premature Infants : Relationships With Gestational Age, Nutrition, and Morbidities. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 16.
Yildirim, S., Nalbantoglu, O. U., Bayraktar, A., Ercan, F. B., Gundogdu, A., Velioglu, H. A. ... Hanoglu, L. (2022). Stratification of the Gut Microbiota Composition Landscape across the Alzheimer's Disease Continuum in a Turkish Cohort. mSystems, 7(1).
Altay, Ö., Arif, M., Li, X., Yang, H., Aydın, M., Alkurt, G. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). Combined Metabolic Activators Accelerates Recovery in Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19. Advanced Science, 8(17).
Basak, T., Hasan, T., Feray, B., Enes, A. M., Abdulgani, T., Ivana, C. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2022). Synthesis and in Vitro Toxicity Assessment of Different Nano-Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles. Brazilian archives of biology and technology, 65.
Ghaffari, P., Shoaie, S. & Nielsen, L. K. (2022). Irritable bowel syndrome and microbiome; Switching from conventional diagnosis and therapies to personalized interventions. Journal of Translational Medicine, 20(1).
Turkez, H., Arslan, M. E., Tatar, A., Ozdemir, O., Sonmez, E., Cadirci, K. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2022). Molecular Genetics and Cytotoxic Responses to Titanium Diboride and Zinc Borate Nanoparticles on Cultured Human Primary Alveolar Epithelial Cells. Materials, 15(7).
Karlsson, M. (2022). Mapping and annotating the mammalian body-wide protein-coding gene expression (Doctoral thesis , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, TRITA-CBH-FOU 2022:32). Retrieved from
Kotol, D. (2022). Multiplexed absolute quantification of blood plasma proteins using targeted proteomics (Doctoral thesis , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-CBH-FOU 2022:33). Retrieved from
Edfors, F., Iglesias, M. J., Butler, L. M. & Odeberg, J. (2022). Proteomics in thrombosis research. RESEARCH AND PRACTICE IN THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS, 6(3).
Nain-Perez, A., Fuchtbauer, A. F., Haversen, L., Lulla, A., Gao, C., Matic, J. ... Grotli, M. (2022). Anthraquinone derivatives as ADP-competitive inhibitors of liver pyruvate kinase. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 234, 114270.
Liu, Z., Xu, J., Que, S., Geng, L., Zhou, L., Mardinoglu, A. & Zheng, S. (2022). Recent Progress and Future Direction for the Application of Multiomics Data in Clinical Liver Transplantation. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL HEPATOLOGY, 10(2), 363-373.
Malm, M., Kuo, C.-C., Moradi, M., Mebrahtu, A., Wistbacka, N., Razavi, R. ... Rockberg, J. (2022). Harnessing secretory pathway differences between HEK293 and CHO to rescue production of difficult to express proteins. Metabolic engineering, 72, 171-187.
Yunus, I. S., Anfelt, J., Sporre, E., Miao, R., Hudson, E. P. & Jones, P. R. (2022). Synthetic metabolic pathways for conversion of CO2 into secreted short-to medium-chain hydrocarbons using cyanobacteria. Metabolic engineering, 72, 14-23.
Mikus, M. S., Uhlén, M., Nilsson, P., James, A. & et al., (2022). Plasma proteins elevated in severe asthma despite oral steroid use and unrelated to Type-2 inflammation. European Respiratory Journal, 59(2), 2100142.
Cacciatore, I., Turkez, H., Di Rienzo, A., Ciulla, M., Mardinoglu, A. & Di Stefano, A. (2021). Boron-based hybrids as novel scaffolds for the development of drugs with neuroprotective properties. RSC Medicinal Chemistry, 12(11), 1944-1949.
Mohammadi, E., Tahmoorespur, M., Benfeitas, R., Altay, O., Javadmanesh, A., Lam, S. ... Sekhavati, M. H. (2022). Improvement of the performance of anticancer peptides using a drug repositioning pipeline. Biotechnology Journal, 17(1), 2100417.
Chen, A., Mulder, J., Uhlén, M., Esteban, M. A., Li, Y., Liu, L. ... Wang, J. (2022). Spatiotemporal transcriptomic atlas of mouseorganogenesis using DNA nanoball-patterned arrays. Cell, 185(10), 1777-1792.e21.
Turkez, H., Arslan, M. E., Yilmaz, A., Doru, F., Caglar, O., Arslan, E. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2021). In vitro transcriptome response to propolis in differentiated SH-SY5Y neurons. Journal of food biochemistry, 45(12).
Lam, S., Arif, M., Song, X., Uhlén, M. & Mardinoglu, A. (2022). Machine Learning Analysis Reveals Biomarkers for the Detection of Neurological Diseases. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 15.
Li, X., Shong, K. E., Kim, W., Yuan, M., Yang, H., Sato, Y. ... Mardinoglu, A. (2022). Prediction of drug candidates for clear cell renal cell carcinoma using a systems biology-based drug repositioning approach. EBioMedicine, 78, 103963.
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