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Adelina Rabenius

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The human genome consists of 3 billion base pairs of our genetic code - A, T, C and G, in each cell of the human body. How can the extensive genetic code be so carefully regulated, that it produces all distinct cell types at the correct time and place in the body? 

I study how the genome is regulated in health and disease. In 2020 I graduated as a Civil Engineer in Medical Biotechnology from KTH ( Since then I have taken interest in how regulatory DNA regions (e.g. promoters and enhancers) and DNA-protein interactions (e.g. the coordination of RNA-Polymerase) determines cell fate. 

In my thesis, I am looking at how differentiation, stress-responses and disease progression alters the transcriptional program. Specifically, I study the genomic regulation of developing blood stem-cells, cells exposed to increased temperatures and cancerous cells responding to drug treatments. 

I have a special interest in cancer research, and use sequencing techniques (mRNA-seq, ATAC-seq, PRO-seq) and fluorescent microscopy to study cancer drug responses. This research can hopefully lead to better and more precise cancer treatments in the future.

Overall, my goal is to shed new light on the mechanisms behind the careful regulation of our extensive genetic code in both health and disease. 

For more information, please visit the molecular genomics lab at KTH:

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- A Rabenius et al., Quantifying RNA synthesis at rate-limiting steps of transcription using nascent RNA-sequencing data, STAR Protocols, 2022. 


Applied Gene Technology (BB2255), assistant | Course web

Applied gene technology and large-scale data analysis (CB2040), teacher | Course web

Bioinformatics (BB2441), assistant | Course web

Bioinformatics (CB2442), assistant | Course web

Degree Project in Biotechnology, First Cycle (BB103X), teacher | Course web

Single-cell and spatial transcriptomics data analysis (CB204V), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Adelina Rabenius