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Brady Burroughs is an architect, teacher and researcher interested in questions of positioning and power, experimental pedagogical practices, and making critical ideas accessible beyond academic circles. She holds an undergraduate architectural degree from Virginia Tech, USA, has completed extensive coursework in Gender Studies at Stockholm University, and has previous experience practicing in architectural offices in the U.S., Switzerland and Sweden. Co-author/Editor ofAhmed for Architecture Students (2019) and author ofArchitectural Flirtations: A Love Storey (2016), she currently works as Head of Second Year at KTH School of Architecture, where she holds a PhD in Critical Studies of Architecture.



Project:Architectural Flirtations: A Love Storey, 2016

Graphic Design: collaboration w/ YMPA- Andrejs Ljunggren and Iwa  Herdensjö

Architectural Flirtations: A Love Storey (2016), is written as an architectural pulp fiction (in the guise of several alter egos) and focuses on design education in intersections of gender, race and sexuality. This queer-feminist work explores improper and unserious practices, to unsettle habitual modes of criticism and relocate and reimagine a serious and privileged discipline.

 All of the (love) storeys take place on March 21st, the spring equinox, in and around a 1977 row house project calledCase Unifamiliariin Mozzo, Italy, designed by Aldo Rossi and Attilio Pizzigoni. Beda Ring, PhD researcher, constructs a Campy renovation of one of these row houses, full of theatricality, humor, andsignificant otherness; while architectural pedagogue, Brady Burroughs, guides a student group from KTH in an Architecture and Gender course; and Henri T. Beall, practicing architect, attends to the details upstairs.



Ahmed for Architecture Students, 2019

Calling all architectural feminist killjoys!

Together with a group of master’s architecture students at KTH, we have collectively produced a fanzine, introducing Sara Ahmed’s critical ideas and concepts in relation to the specific situation of the architecture student. The fanzine is both a documentation of our seminar course in critical theory and a critical comment on the Routledge series of Thinkers for Architects, which includes 1/15 female thinkers.

We have made the fanzine openly accessible online. On the back of the cover, you will find DIY Instructions to assemble your own fanzine. We encourage you to share the link to the DiVA database for download, and why not organize a ‘DIY Fanzine workshop’, to make and share the fanzine with friends? Bake a lemon poppy seed cake for starters and be sure to use recycled paper!

Download here:


Lorde fanzine

Photo: Inge Manka, TU Wien

Lorde for Architecture Students (Winter 2023)

In collaboration with Afaina de Jong (Amsterdam), along with a group of master's architecture students and Claiming*Spaces at TU Wien , the next zine in the series Feminist Thinkers for Architects isLorde for Architecture Students.

Digital Release January 2024; Fanzine Launch 2 February

Download here:


BAUHAUS poster

Recent Public Events & Press

2023 Excerpts fromAhmed for Architecture Students translated & included in exhibition Liberated Space: Care - Architecture - Feminism, curated by Petra Hlaváčková, Bratislava, 21. 9. 2023 - 25. 2. 2024. LINK TO INFO

2023 Article published on urbanNext online forum by Actar Publishers, "Architectural Flirtations, Formerly Known As Critique". LINK TO ARTICLE

2022 Lecture for public lecture seriesHorizonte, Theme: Teaching Architecture, "Architectural Flirtations and Feminist Thinkers", BAUHAUS, Weimar. LINK TO SERIES

2022 Presentation for Claiming*Spaces Conference:Whose History?, "Feminist Thinkers for Architects", Panel 1: Educating Architectures: A Feminist Culture of Learning, TU Wien (YouTube), Vienna. LINK TO PROGRAM

2022 Lecture for public lecture seriesfrictions, "Bauhaus to Ninja: Assassinating Seriousness in Architectural Education", ESALA - University of Edinburgh (zoom), Scotland. LINK TO LECTURE

2021 Lilla Namos Stad, podcast with Namo Marouf, 'Ras, intersektionell feminism och arkitektur'. LINK TO PODCAST

2021 Publications included in Women Writing Architecture online collection, with annotations by Amy Perkins. LINK TO ARCHITECTURAL FLIRTATIONS, LINK TO AHMED FOR ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS

2021 Feminist Spatial Practice Podcast with Afaina de Jong, ARCAM - Architectuur Centrum Amsterdam LINK TO PODCAST

2021 Panel Discussion with authors from Afaina de Jong's Feminist Spatial Practice Book Club through ARCAM (Leslie Kern, Nirmal Puwar, Brady Burroughs) LINK TO PANEL DISCUSSION

2021 Article onAhmed for Architecture Students in The Feminist Spatial Practice Book Club,Feminist Killjoy!, Charlotte Thomas, A.ZINE, 21 February. LINK TO ARTICLE

2021 Panel Discussion, Grafikens hus during Science Week,Who gets to plan and live in the city?(Afaina de Jong, Namo Marouf, Jens Evaldsson, Lena From, Nina Beckmann, Sofi Cyréus) LINK TO INSTAGRAM

2020 ‘10 Must-Reads on feminism in architecture’, Afaina de Jong, ARCAM LINK TO LIST

2020 Presentation for Parity Talks V - Actions and Accountability, D-ARCH, ETH, Zurich LINK TO PRESENTATION


cover arch+ 246

Image: arch+ 246/Contemporary Feminist Spatial Practice


Burroughs, B. (2024) “CRITICS READ THIS.” in Amy Perkins & Jeremy Waterfield (eds.)gta Papers: The Crit, ETH Zurich: gta Verlag, ??-??. (Forthcoming)

Burroughs, B. & Afaina de Jong, et al. (2023)Lorde for Architecture Students, Feminist Thinkers for Architects 02, Stockholm and Vienna: TU Wien, Vienna University of Technology. (Link to download)

Burroughs, B. (text) & Ebba Bastmark (drawings) (2022) “Villa Mullet: Constructing Architecture’s Phantoms,” in Sebastian Baumann, Sophia Garner, Elisaveta Kriman, Juliette Martin (eds.),Trans Magazin 40: Phantasma, ETH Zurich: gta Verlag, 111-116. (Link to article) Listen here to the article: AUDIO FILE

Burroughs, B. (2022) “Architecture’s Daddy Issues: An Ahmedian Therapy Session,” in Torsten Lange, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Gabrielle Schaad (eds.),ARCH+ 246 /Contemporary Feminist Spatial Practice, Berlin: ARCH+ Verlag GmbH, 40-41. (Link to article in English)

Burroughs, B. (2019) “Prince Peregrine and the Evil Drag Queen: A Queer Architectural Fairytale On Seriously Valuing The Unserious,” in Anna Maciver-Ek, Julius Henkel, Selina Sigg, Sara Sherif (eds.),Trans Magazin34:Youth, ETH Zurich: GTA Verlag. (Link to article)


Architectural Technology 2 (A21TEB), teacher | Course web

Architecture Project 2:1 Structure, Place, Activity (A21P1C), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Architecture Project 2:2 - Tectonics, Ornament, Transformation (A21P2B), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Architecture Project 2:3 Material, Space, Detail (A21P3C), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Artistic Methods and Techniques 2 (A21KOB), course responsible, teacher | Course web

History and Theory of Architecture 2: Architecture Modernity (A21HIC), teacher | Course web

Representation 2: Fabrication and Descriptive Geometry (A21REA), teacher | Course web

The Discipline and Practices of Architecture (A21AYA), teacher | Course web