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Carlos Casanueva Perez

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About me

He/Him. Associate Professor, MSc and PhD Mechanical Engineer, teaching and working around Rail Vehicle Technology. Leadership team at the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design. Director of the 5-year program in Vehicle Engineering (Farkostteknik CivEng).


I typically do research around vehicle dynamics and its influence on wheel and rail damage and its impact on the wider railway system. I have participated in Swedish and EU projects, see the Portfolio.

My research interests cover system and subsystem interaction, wheel-rail contact damage, system costs and sustainability, or energy management of novel traction technologies.


I am course responsible for the master's level course in Rail Vehicle Technology, dedicated to design and performance of rail vehicles for various operational conditions; and Challenge-based Railway Systems Design for a project-based challenge-tacklign framework. 

I am also actively involved in several courses in Bachelor and Masters level as teacher, supervisor, or facilitator, such as Vehicle Engineering, Rail Vehicle Dynamics, Sustainable development and research methodology. I supervise Master Thesis students each year, aiming for collaborations between industry and academia.

I am interested in Equality and Diversity issues, so I promoted the development of an Equality Module for Bachelor students, and I teach a lecture in Diversity and Equality in the Research Environment in the Sustainable development and research methodology course.

I regularly update my pedagogic skills and apply them to the courses I am involved, including course review and development every year. I also put an effort on publishing in pedagogic journals or conferences.

Management and Outreach

I am Deputy Director at the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design, where I have been part of the management group since 2014.

I promoted the KTH-JBS Competence Group, a collaboration within the Railway Sector where Academic and Industrial partners discuss and develop the programmes and courses for increasing the Railway Competence of future rail professionals in Sweden. I have also worked in the Erasmu+ project ASTONRail, with similar objectives at EU level.

I am interested in popularisation of science and research, in the past I have regularly collaborated with Mapping Ignorance.


Applied Vehicle Dynamics Control (SD2231), teacher | Course web

Challenge-based Railway Systems Design (SD2320), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Rail Vehicle Engineering, Second Cycle (SD231X), examiner | Course web

Rail Vehicle Dynamics (SD2313), teacher | Course web

Rail Vehicle Technology (SD2307), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Rail Vehicle Technology (FSD3307), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Sustainable development and research methodology in engineering mechanics (SA2002), teacher, assistant | Course web

Vehicle Dynamics Project Course Part 2 (SD2230), teacher | Course web

Vehicle Engineering (SD1002), course responsible, teacher | Course web