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Carlos Casanueva Perez

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About me

He/Him. MSc and PhD Mechanical Engineer, teaching and working around Rail Vehicle Dynamics. Associate Professor in Rail Vehicle Technology. Management at the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design. Director of the Master Program in Railway Engineering.


I am currently working in Shift2Rail projects such as NEXTGEAR and FR8Rail, doing research around vehicle dynamics and its influence on wheel and rail damage and its impact on the wider railway system. I have participated in EU projects such as Sustrail and Capacity4Rail on the dynamic bejaviour of freight vehicles running gear; and Roll2Rail, contributing to the development of a Universal Cost Model for rail vehicles. (Portfolio)

My research interests cover system and subsystem interaction, system cost and sustainability analysis, wheel-rail contact damage and related costs, and related issues.


I am course responsible for the master's level course in Rail Vehicle Technology, dedicated to design and performance of rail vehicles for various operational conditions. I am also actively involved in several courses in Bachelor and Masters level as teacher, supervisor, or facilitator, such as Vehicle Engineering, Rail Vehicle Dynamics, Research Methodology in Engineering Mechanics, Vehicle Dynamics Project Course. I also supervise a number of Master Thesis students each year, aiming for collaborations between industry and academia.

I am interested in Equality and Diversity issues, so I promoted the development of an Equality Module for Bachelor students, and I teach a lecture in Diversity and Equality in the Research Environment in the Research Methodology in Engineering Mechanics course.

I regularly update my pedagogic skills and apply them to the courses I am involved, including course review and development every year. I also put an effort on publishing in pedagogic journals or conferences

Management and Outreach

I am responsible for Comopetence Development and Education at the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design, where I have been part of the management group since 2014.

I promoted and steer the KTH-JBS Competence Group, a collaboration within the Railway Sector where Academic and Industrial partners discuss and develop the programmes and courses for increasing the Railway Competence of future rail professionals in Sweden. I also work in the EU project ASTONRail, with similar objectives but at EU level. 

I am interested in popularisation of science and research, so I have regularly collaborated with Mapping Ignorance and write in Twitter when I remember to do so. 


Applied Vehicle Dynamics Control (SD2231), teacher | Course web

Challenge-based Railway Systems Design (SD2320), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Mechanical Engineering, First Level (SA118X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Rail Vehicle Engineering, Second Cycle (SD231X), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Railway Technology, Second Cycle (SD230X), examiner | Course web

Rail Vehicle Dynamics (SD2313), teacher | Course web

Rail Vehicle Technology (SD2307), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Research Methodology in Engineering Mechanics (SG2128), teacher | Course web

Vehicle Dynamics Project Course Part 1 (SD2229), teacher | Course web

Vehicle Dynamics Project Course Part 2 (SD2230), teacher | Course web

Vehicle Engineering (SD1002), course responsible, teacher | Course web