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Hanna Nathaniel

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About me

My PhD project within Industrial Ecology and Natural Resource Management focuses on studying the impacts of using washed-up algae and seawed (beachcast) as biofertiliser - from farm level to wider systems perspectives. The research includes studies of the historical use of beachcast in farming practices, conducting cultivation experiments to examine the effects on soils and crops, as well as studying social implications and potential effects on agricultural systems at scale.

I have a strong interest in agriculture and the global food system connecting agricultural activity world-wide, and studying how connecting small scale actions to theoretical sustainability goals could potentially change the dynamics of the globalised system.

The interdisciplinarity and applicability of the research is simultaneously challenging and appealing as it requires connecting various research fields, while also providing opportunities to collaborate with experts and exceptional individuals to share and gain knowledge and experience.  

Concepts such as systems thinking, transformations and circular economy serve as foundations for my research.

Part of my work as a PhD student is teaching at Bachelor’s and Master’s level on topics such as Ecology and Environmental Effects, Environmental Soil Chemistry, and Material and Energy Flow Accounting for Cleaner Production.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Industrial Ecology from KTH (Sweden) including exchange studies at Michigan Technological University (USA). 


Degree Project in Energy and Environment, First level (AL127X), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Ecology and Environmental Effects (MJ1508), teacher | Course web

Environmental Soil Chemistry (AE1105), assistant | Course web

Environmental Soil Chemistry (AE1801), assistant | Course web

Material and Energy Flow Accounting for Cleaner Production (AL2142), teacher | Course web

Mechanical Engineering, introductory course (MF1001), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Hanna Nathaniel