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Silvia Trevisan

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About me

My research focuses on the development of cost-effective Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions to maximize the penetration of renewable energy while providing stability and flexibility to the energy sector. My research spans component development, prototyping and lab validation via experimental campaigns alongside comprehensive technical, economic and environmental system performance assessments. The exploitation of high-temperature TES based systems is a great opportunity to ensure a high share of renewable energy, and it contributes to decarbonizing the energy-intensive and hard-to-abate industrial sector. Additional key research topics include hybrid renewable energy systems and solutions for electrification of the heating sector (primarily within the industrial context) such as high-temperature heat pumps and innovative electric heaters. This research is aimed at contributing to the fulfilment of several Sustainable Development Goals, providing renewable energy, and ensuring more sustainable future industries, cities, and communities. 

Currently, my research activities at KTH are mostly performed in the context of a number of collaborative research projects:

  • RIHOND: Renewable Industrial Heat On Demand, contracted research supported by KYOTO Group AS

  • SHARP-sCO2: Solar Hybrid Air-sCO2 Power Plants

  • HYBRIDplus: Advanced HYBRID solar plant with PCM storage solutions in sCO2 cycles

  • SUSHEAT: Smart Integration of Waste and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Heat Upgrade in the Industry

  • POWDER2POWER: MW-scale fluidized particle-driven CSP prototype demonstration

  • USES4HEAT: Underground Large Scale Seasonal Energy Storage for Decarbonized and Reliable Heat

  • SCO2OP-TES: sCO2 Operating Pumped Thermal Energy Storage for grid/industry cooperation

  • DETECTIVE: Development of a Novel Tube-Bundle-Cavity Linear Receiver for CSP Applications

  • eLITHE – Electrification of ceramic industries high temperature heating equipment


I am a mechanical and energy engineer. I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and my Master's Degree in Energy Engineering at the University of Genoa, Italy. I obtained a Ph.D. degree in Energy Technology from KTH in April 2022.

Besides my academic work at KTH, I also work as an energy consultant at Europe Power Solutions.


Besides my research work, I participate in other academic activities at KTH. I have supervised more than 25 MSc Thesis in the field of energy storage, solar energy, and energy system techno-economic modelling. I am the course responsible for the course MJ2438 "Modeling of Energy Systems - Heat and Power Generation". I am also largely involved in teaching activities in the courses MJ2500 "Large Scale Solar Power Plants", MJ2411 "Renewable Energy Technology", and MJ2409 "Applied Energy Technology".


AI applications in Sustainable Energy Engineering (MJ2507), teacher | Course web

Applied Heat and Power Technology (MJ2426), teacher | Course web

Large Scale Solar Power (MJ2500), teacher | Course web

Modeling of Energy Systems - Heat and Power Generation (MJ2438), course responsible, teacher, assistant | Course web

Renewable Energy Technology (MJ2411), teacher | Course web