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Targeted students and prerequisites

Targeted students: MSc students; typically 30% of the students are PhD students

Prefered background: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Engineering Physics. The majority of students comes from the Nanotechnology, Engineering Physics, Electrophysics, Systems&Control&Robotics, System on Chip, and Vehicle Eneingeering MSc programmes.

Pre-requisites: None about previous courses. General understanding of physics and curiosity for the application of physical effects on a micro/nano-scale, is the best starting point for designing your own moving microsystem!

Knowledge of simulation and design tools: No knowledge on design tools is needed, as tutorials will be given to the software used in the course, and typically 80% of the students have not used these software before. FEM simulation is done with COMSOL Multiphysics, and CAD design is done with LEdit Pro.

Typically, only about 25% of the students have taken microsystem-related courses before, for instance the EK2350 Microsystem Technology course.

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