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The student’s final grade in the course will be based on:

  • attendance at the compulsory introductory lectures (pass/fail criteria)
  • project work: overall evaluation of the project work of the project team as a whole, including the project report and the final project presentation to a critical audience. Individual adjustments might be done if the group members' performance was inhomogeneous. Criteria for the evaluation of project work, report, and presentation, as well as guidelines for report and presentation will be communicated to the students.
  • if the project work is not carried out balanced between the group members, it might be necessary to adjust individual marks within the same group (such a measure is considered as an exception, and was necessary for 2 groups in 2011, but not at all for the 2012 course run).

The course is worth 7.5 ECTS points; grading will be on a scale from A to F, with A being the highest mark and E being the lowest mark for passing the course, and F being a fail.

There is no written or oral exam, and no homeworks.

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