Seminar 4: Interview

Interview with Systems and Control Engineer


There will be 6 groups and currently it looks like the seminars will be May 11-13. The door will close at quarter past the hour and driving after that mean missing the seminar.

  1. Monday May 11, 10-12, Patric, Teknikringen 14, floor 5, room 523
  2. Monday May 11, 13-15, Elling, meeting room floor 8, Osquldasv 10
  3. Tuesday May 12, 10-12, Elling, meeting room floor 8, Osquldasv 10
  4. Tuesday May 12, 15-17, Dimos, 6th floor conference room
  5. Wednesday May 13, 10-12 Henrik, 6th floor conference room
  6. Wednesday May 13, 13-15 Patric, Teknikringen 14, floor 7, Patric's office room 712


This assignment consists of an interview. You should interview someone that fulfils at least one of the following criteria
       * alumni from Systems, Control and Robotics
       * alumni from an masters program or similar with a profile similar to some aspect of SCR
       * technical person working in a company or organisation relevant to SCR and you

You need to find the person to interview. We want you to get an idea of what a “real” SCR engineer does and how he/she works.

The hope is that the interview should provide you with information that could, for example, help you decide about what you want to do after your studies. The overall aim is that by reading the interviews of everyone you all will get a better idea about life after the SCR master.

It is best to perform the interview face to face. If not possible, for example, if the person you are interviewing is far away, Skype or telephone is OK. Email is not OK.

The document you hand in should be written as one piece of text where you summarise the interview and the the key findings and reflections you make. That is, it should NOT be a transcript of the interview.

  • The first thing to answer in the document is why you picked this person and/or company/organization?

Questions for the other person should at least include the following:

  • Describe the organisation you work in briefly
  • What is your background?
  • How did you end up where you are? Is this the first company/organisation you work for
  • Have you changed position/group within the company/organisation?
  • What do you “do” a typical day?
  • What skills have you had most use for from your education?
  • Is there something you wish you had learned more about at university?
  • Is your company/organisation working with sustainability issues in some form? If so, what? If not, why do you think not?
  • Some words of wisdom / advise / lessons learned you would like to pass on to the next generation?

NOTE: You need to be careful if you want to disclose personal information about the person you interview i you assignment. Make sure to ask permission before you write out the full name for example.

Before the seminar

  • Read all the reflecting documents of your group mates.

At the seminar

  • Be prepared to present the content of the two assignments after you in the list of documents in BILDA. If the list ends, go back up to the top. 
  • Bring your notes! Take active part in the discussions!

If you cannot attend the seminar

  • Read the reflections from the people in your group and write a reflection on these and upload to BILDA before the deadline.
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