Seminar 2: Procrastination


There will be 6 groups

  • 1: Mon Nov 24, 10-12, Patric, Teknikringen 14, plan 5, room 523
  • 2: Tue Nov 25, 10-12, Elling, Conference room, floor 8, Osquldasv. 10 (be at the entrance door 10.15; after that you will not be able to enter).
  • 3: Tue Nov 25, 10-12, Carlo, Seminar Room of Automatic Control, Floor 6, Osquldas väg 10
  • 4: Wed Nov 26, 10-12, Patric, Teknikringen 14, plan 5, room 523
  • 5: Thu Nov 27, 10-12, Elling, Conference room, floor 8, Osquldasv. 10 (be at the entrance door 10.15; after that you will not be able to enter).
  • 6: Fri Nov 28, 10-12, Dimos, Osquldas Vag 10, floor 6 at the Automatic Control Dept


This seminar is devoted to a topic that is highly relevant to many of us, both during studies and when working as an engineer/researcher, namely procrastination.

First, it may be worthwhile to have a look at the definition of the word Procrastination. Google tells us that it means ”the action of delaying or postponing something”. For example, in the context of studies, not completing the assignment until the night before the deadline, or if you are a teacher, not posting assignments until students ask for the text.

Written reflection (Deadline November 18 in BILDA)

Your task is now to reflect about your own study technique, specifically related to procrastination. Please write a short text 500-600 words, reflecting on the following questions:

  1. Do you usually delay completion of tasks until you really have to? If this is the case, does this happen it in all situations or only for studies? Never for studies, but in other contexts?
  2. Do you use any special tricks or strategies to avoid procrastination? Have you been able to change your study technique through these tricks? Can you give any suggestions?
  3. How does your study techniques relate to social media and internet, does your online habits help or hinder your studies?

Feel free to provide examples throughout your text and refer to the reading material whenever relevant. Write a continuous text, use the questions as guidelines.

As inspiration for your reflections, the followings links may be useful:

Procrastination in general:

When studying:

Influence of internet:

Before the seminar

Read all the reflecting documents of your group mates. Mark the sentences that you find particularly interesting or important. Make some notes. 

During the seminar

Bring your notes! Take active part in the discussions! 

If you cannot attend the seminar

Read the reflections from the people in your group and write a reflection on these and upload to BILDA.

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