Seminar 3: Climate

Seminar 3 : Location, time, place

Note: The seminars start 15min past the hour. Make sure to be there before that otherwise you will miss the seminar.

Group Date and time Place Mentor
1 Mon Feb 8, 10-12 Meeting room floor 8, Osquldasv. 10. Be at the door no later than 10.15, after that the door is closed. Alexandre
2 Tue Feb 9, 10-12 Conference room 6th floor, Osquldas Väg 10. Please be there at 10.15 in order to get in Dimos
3 Wed Feb 10, 08-10 Teknikringen 14, floor 3, room 22:an Patric

Wed Feb 10, 10-12

Osquldas väg 10, floor 6. Jonas
5 Thu Feb 11, 08-10 Teknikringen 14, floor 3, room 22:an Patric
6 Thu Feb 11, 10-12
Meeting room floor 8, Osquldasv. 10. Be at the door no later than 10.15, after that the door is closed

Seminar 3 topic : Climate

Sustainability is often treated along three different dimension, environmental, social and economic sustainability. In this seminar we will focus on the environmental aspect and take a closer look at the recently finished 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Reading Material

This time part of the task is to look for information. As a starting point take a look at the sites of 

Written reflection

You should write a reflecting text of 500-600 words (about a page). The text should be written as one piece of text and thus, e.g., not repeat questions or contain bullets.


  • Find at least one source that you refer to in your text and provide a full reference to (i.e. so that someone can see from the reference provided what it is (without searching or clicking links) and that someone can locate the source)
  • Content
    • Summarise (very briefly) the outcome of the Climate Change Conference
    • Discuss the roles that individuals, states, companies and organisations such as UN have in reaching environmental sustainability for the climate. 
    • Discuss the work in your country on issues related to climate change
  • You should write your text so that someone that has not read the assignment description understands your text. This means, for example, that instead of referring to "the reading material" use a proper reference to it.
  • The text should be well written

You get 2 points for a text that meets the requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, points will be deducted.


  • Write your name at the top of the page. 
  • This exercise is about expressing your own opinion. You should write what you think and not what you think someone wants to read. 
  • Provide a word count at the end of the document (should be >= 500)
  • Save the document in PDF format (there are several free PDF converters available, for example PrimoPDF if your word processing software does not support PDF). 
  • Name your document seminar3-firstname-familyname.pdf and upload it to the corresponding assignment in BILDA ( 
  • Don't put your person number on the assignment. Use your address instead to uniquely identify you. The assignments will be distributed to many other students and it is unnecessary to let all of them know you person number.

Before the seminar

Read all the reflecting documents from your group. Make notes of the the most interesting parts in the reflections and be ready to discuss these at the seminar.

During the seminar

Take active part in the discussions! 

If you cannot attend the seminar

If you know in advance that you cannot participate on the seminar, indicate this in the doodle that will be sent out. If you miss a seminar, you need to write a summary report of  1000-1200 words (ca. two pages), reviewing the reflections of the other students in the group.  You need to submit this “reflection over the reflections” before the seminars (see deadline in BILDA). To be acceptable, your reflection on the reflections should make it perfectly clear that you read and reflected on the content of what the others wrote.

  • Name your file seminar3-RoR-firstname-familyname.pdf
  • Provide a word count at the end of the document (should be >=1000)
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