Optics & photonics

“Optics and Photonics” enable our everyday life, and will certainly play a more important role in the future. Join us to learn about our courses at KTH, what types of projects you could pursue for your Master’s Degree study, and even what kind of career you can expect afterwards.


15:00-18:00 Poster session & mingle

Let teachers and PhD students from the track inspire you by showing some of their research and take the chance to ask about everything you want to know about the track and future career opportunities!

15:30-16:00 Optics & Photonics quiz, Poster session area

Participate in a quiz during Open House. The quiz will be distributed in the poster session area and your answers should be handed in latest at 16:45. There will be some prizes to win at the end of the day!

16:00-16:30 Katia Gallo: Optics & Photonics: Technologies, Applications, Job Markets, Room FB41

Come and listen to Katia Gallo, who is a professor in nonlinear and quantum optics at KTH. She will tell you about future technology, applications and job opportunities within the field of optics and photonics - and some of them you were probably not aware of before!

16:30-17:00 Open discussion with Katia Gallo and other faculty members, Room FB41

Discuss with Katia Gallo and other faculty members how it is to work within the field of optics and photonics. 

17:00-17:30 Lab tour: Laser physics and Nonlinear & Quantum Photonics

Join our lab tour and learn more about what you can do with lasers and other light magics!

17:30-18:00 Are you a winner? Poster session area

17:45: The prize winners of the optics & photonics quiz will be announced. Is it you? 

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