The Master's Programme in Engineering Physics is a broad educational programme which allows you to specialise within one field of physics. The programme is also designed to give you a large freedom to tailor your own competence profile within physics. Subsequently, there are only very few mandatory courses that all students within the programme have to take. Those two courses are:

AK2030 Theory and methodology of science (Natural and technological sciences), 4.5 credits

SH2007 Research methodology in physics, 3.0 credits

These courses are normally taken during autumn semester in year 2, but we strongly recommend that students who plan for exchange studies during this period of time, should take the course SH2007 already in year 1, period 2. AK2030 is given in every period during the academic year, which gives a larger flexibility.

Choosing a track

You must choose a track already when you start your studies at the programme [*] and there are 5 tracks to choose between.

Theoretical physics (TFYA)

Subatomic & astrophysics (TFYB)

Biomedical physics (TFYE)

Optics & photonics (TFYF)

Quantum technology (TFYG)

The track will become you main profile within physics. Each track has 2 additional mandatory courses and you also have to take a minimum of 25 credits from an extensive list of conditionally elective courses within the track. These rules ensure that you reach a sufficient depth in your studies to be eligible for the master thesis course within your track and allows you to choose your own specialisation within the track. 

[*] It is in many cases possible to change tracks later on. In such a case, please contact the programme director for a discussion.

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