Choosing courses

The programme consists of mandatory courses, conditionally elective courses and elective courses. To obtain a degree from the Engineering Physics programme, it is required that you choose your courses in accordance with the rules stated below.


Mandatory courses

There are two mandatory courses for all students in the programme (irrespectively of track) and these two courses are usually taken during year 2 of the programme:

AK2030 Theory and methodology of science (Natural and Technological Sciences)

SH2007 Research methodology in physics

The course SH2007 is only given in P2 (period 2), while the course AK2030 is given in any period. AK2030 is expected to be taken in P1 (period 1) during Year 2 of the programme, but can be taken in any other period if that suits better into the study plan of an individual student. 

In addition, each of the tracks in the program has two mandatory courses. All student within the track have to take these courses. You will find the list of track specific mandatory courses under your track in "Programme syllabus".

Conditionally elective courses

In addition to the mandatory courses, you must have at least 25 credits among the conditionally elective courses listed within your track. The list of these courses are also found in "Programme syllabus". 

Elective courses

Finally, you have the freedom to chose elective courses for about 40-45 credits (depending on track). According to KTH regulations, you are not allowed to take more courses than "necessary to get your degree". This means that the total number of credits on standard courses within the programme should be at least 90 credits and at most 97,5 credits (master thesis course of 30 credits uncounted).

As elective courses, you can choose other suitable courses from you own track or from other tracks within the programme. You are also allowed to take courses from other educational programs at KTH or elsewhere. This gives you quite a lot of freedom when choosing elective courses, but remember that there should be a logical connection between the courses, and that they should prepare you for the final 30-credit degree project.

It is always a good idea to check with your programme director or track guide (see “Contact information”) if your choice of elective courses is suitable.

You are allowed to take maximum 15 credits of elective courses in fields not directly related to the programme, but with some relevance to an engineer. This could be english writing courses (on master level), language courses, economy, management etc. It can also be engineering, programming or math courses not related to your track, but which you consider important for your future career. (Examples of courses that are not allowed in this category are “hobby courses” like cooking, bartending etc!)

Studies abroad

Up to one year of the studies can be carried out abroad, i.e. you must take at least 60 credits from courses at KTH.

Feel free to contact your programme director or track guide if there is something you want to discuss.

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